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    of people believe Leave No Trace effectively protects the environment for future generations.

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    A person trained in Leave No Trace is 5 times more likely to protect nature.

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    One person trained in Leave No Trace goes on to educate 256 additional people resulting in 5.2 million others this year alone.

Course curriculum

Topics we will cover:

    1. Welcome

    1. Guidelines, Not Rules

    2. Human Caused Impacts

    3. Cumulative Impacts

    4. Leave No Trace 7 Principles

    1. Overview

    2. Preparing for a Backpacking Trip

    3. Packing and Preparation

    4. Permits

    5. Knowledge Check

    1. Overview

    2. Durable Surfaces

    3. Concentrate Vs. Disperse

    4. Concentrate Vs. Disperse Recap

    5. Campsite Selection

    6. Knowledge Check

    1. Overview

    2. Build a Backcountry Poop Kit

    3. Why and How to Cathole

    4. WAG Bags, Pee, and Periods

    5. Washing Dishes In The Backcountry

    6. Knowledge Check

    1. Overview

    2. Don't Add or Remove Amenities

    3. Knowledge Check

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